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Basic Gusanos Commands


Gusanos has no menu, thus it is commanded from the console. The console can be called upon at any time using the key bound to the console. The various commands in this short guide are marked with red colour.

Basic commands

Changing Maps: To change the map you use the "map" command. The maps name is identical to the name of the folder in which it is stored. Example. map kde launches a game with the map kde.

Hosting a network game: To host a game either on LAN or Internet you use the command host 1. In addition you might want to host a diffrent map than the default map. Then you use the map command after typing host 1. In whole, to host a netgame with the map kde, you write:
> host 1
> map kde

  • To also make the hosted game a teamplay game you must add teamplay 1 before the map command.

  • Joining a network game: To join you use a the simple command "connect". Example: connect This is "CONNECT IP:PORT". 9898 is always the port in Gusanos.

    Splitscreen: By default Gusanos is splitscreen allowing any computer to utilize 2 slots in a network game although the two player are independant of eachother. To disable splitscreen (if you only need to use one player in the game) you will need to type splitscreen 0 (splitscreen 1 to re-enable). To host a game without splitscreen with the map kde, you need to enter:
    > splitscreen 0
    > host 1
    > map kde

    p1 and p0: The left player is p0 and the right player is p1. Player zero and player one. Each command to edit player settings uses the p0 or p1 variable. If splitscreen is set to 0 then the remaining player will be p0 (which means that if you by default play as right player, you will need to remap the keys). Example:
    bind left p0_left
    bind up p0_up
    bind down p0_down
    bind right p0_right
    bind backslash p0_fire
    bind quote p0_jump
    bind colon p0_change
    bind l p0_reload

    Since nicks also rely on the p command you change nicks by using p0_nick "yournick". Same with colour which is set with p0_color 255,255,255 (RGB). This example will there fore make the worm white. Of course, for right side player you use p1 instead of p0. In teamplay you use the p0_team 0 command. Team 0 is the first team.

    Cfg files

    Now that we have learned these basic commands we are ready to utilize them in cfg files. All the above commands can be typed in manually in the console, but with a cfg we can preform an infinite amount of commands with one single command in the console.

    The cfg file: The cfg file is a simple plain text file. It contains lines of text and the commands entered will be executed in the console if the cfg file is launched. A cfg file named "roger.cfg" will be executed by the command exec roger.cfg.

    Creating a hosting makro: Since you most likely will want to play without a split screen we will now create such a makro. To make it easier for us we make use two cfg files. The first one will launch the hosting, the second will set up our player.
    Create a simple text document and edit it in notepad (or any other text editor). In the first file we now enter into our cfg file the hosting commands:
    splitscreen 0
    host 1
    map kde

    This now makes us host the level kde without splitscreen. The commands should be in this order. Splitscreen first, hosting second and map last. We save it as kde.cfg. When we have executed this cfg file in Gusanos console it will bring us to a singlescreen weapon selection screen. We can now begin our game. But oh gno! Our worm is named Player, and its blue! This is not very personal. We will have to add our second cfg file.
    Our name is Roger. Therefor we make a new text file and name it roger.cfg. Our colour is red and we usualy play as the right side player (p1). That is why the keys in our hosted game are wrong. We add the following lines to roger.cfg:
    p0_color 255,0,0
    p0_nick Roger
    p0_team 1
    bind left p0_left
    bind up p0_up
    bind down p0_down
    bind right p0_right
    bind h p0_fire
    bind g p0_jump
    bind f p0_change
    bind j p0_reload

    This file can now be executed with the command exec roger.cfg. But we would like that to be even easier. So now we open again the file we named kde.cfg and add at the end of it the command exec roger.cfg. Now the kde.cfg will automaticly execute the roger.cfg file, and we can go from newly booted Gusanos to read to play in a matter of seconds.

    We now have these two cfg files.

    splitscreen 0
    host 1
    map kde
    exec roger.cfg
    p0_color 255,0,0
    p0_nick Roger
    p0_team 1
    bind left p0_left
    bind up p0_up
    bind down p0_down
    bind right p0_right
    bind h p0_fire
    bind g p0_jump
    bind f p0_change
    bind j p0_reload

    To execute this whole series of command you type the command exec kde.cfg in your Gusanos console. Try it :)
    HINT!! You do not need to name your files with a file extention. Instead of naming it roger.cfg you can simply name it roger and use exec roger to execute it. Shorter names are easier to type, right?

    Additional commands with explanations

    bind: Using a command such as bind h p0_fire will bind player zeros firekey to the key "h".
    p0_team: This command lets you select which team you belong to. Team zero (0) is the first team, followed by 1 and upwards to the games limit.
    quit: Can be entered into the console manually but you may also bind it using the following command: bind esc quit. This will use the ESC key to quit the game. Any key can be used.
    chat: bind t chat will open the chat dialogue when you press the T key.
    flashlight: To enable flashlight, type flashlight 1 in the console. Flashlight is so far a useless feature, but it looks nice.

    Master cfg files

    autoexec.cfg: The autoexec.cfg file in the default folder is the cfg that runs autmaticly with the game upon start. Here you will find the fundamental keybindings. It might also be wise to bind chat and quit keys here.

    mod.cfg: This file determines the special features of the mod you choose to play. It contains data about the games physics. The commands in this file may be altered during gameplay. One command in the mod.cfg is GRAVITY. You may alter gravity during the game by entering gravity 5000 in the console. This will change gravity to a deadly force witch will crush you where you stand. To change it back to normal you write gravity 15 and things will go back to normal. You can also be a funny person and give the gravity a negative value. This will reverse gravity and worms will fall upwards. The hosting player is the only one able to do this, but it will affect all players in the game equally.

    Names of keys

    Here is a list of all the keys in Gusanos. Might be helpful when you want to set up your player configuration (roger.cfg).


    Last updated by ulv, 8/10 2004