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Would you like to see ComSer have more features?2004-12-142004-12-21
What is best about christmas?2004-12-212005-01-03
Wich Liero clone will grow most in 2005?2005-01-032005-01-12
Have you ever been on TV?2005-01-122005-01-20
This man gets my vote2005-01-202005-01-31
Best Movie2005-01-312005-02-13
Smartest guy2005-02-132005-02-20
Fattest chick2005-02-202005-03-07
Best beverage2005-03-072005-03-16
Best clone2005-03-162005-03-22
Best language2005-03-222005-03-23
Most well made clone ever?2005-03-232005-03-24
Quiz: Which is oldest?2005-03-242005-03-28
Gusanos is.. for Liero2005-03-282005-03-29
Greatest fear2005-03-292005-04-01
Is the pope dead?2005-04-012005-04-03
Sadest moment in life2005-04-222005-04-22
The next pope should be2005-04-032005-04-05
Prefered beverage container2005-04-052005-04-18
The finest fish in the world?2005-04-182005-04-22
God of violence2005-04-222005-04-25
Uthar/Strider is back, will you celebrate this?2005-04-252005-04-27
My dream job2005-04-272005-04-28
I live in...2005-04-282005-04-30
Do you protect your true identity on the internet?2005-05-022005-05-09
Have you ever been abroad?2005-05-092005-05-13
Do you spend too much of your time on Liero? (honestly)2005-05-132005-05-15
What Liero should have2005-05-152005-05-17
LieroX for Linux?2005-05-172005-06-25
Will you play gusanos when it comes out?2005-06-252005-06-30
Going to Finland this year?2005-06-302005-07-03
Ninja rope is2005-07-032005-07-06
Who made Liero? :)2005-07-062005-07-07
Do you like wikis?2005-07-072005-07-09
Which sounds coolest?2005-07-092005-07-11
Do you use illegal software?2005-07-112005-07-14
Are you ready?2005-07-142005-07-18
My grandmother likes to play Lieroish games2005-07-182005-07-18
Which LieroX version do you play?2005-07-182005-07-21
Are you mercyful?2005-07-212005-07-25
My OS2005-07-252005-07-28
LieroX forums are2005-07-282005-08-01
Is doom impending?2005-08-012005-08-02
After Windows XP i will change to2005-08-022005-08-05
Best country in the world2005-08-052005-08-08
Would you want to work on a submarine?2005-08-082005-08-11
Do you think Joosa is real?2005-08-112005-08-15
Would you go to Brussels in 2006 to meet a lot of Liero fans?2005-09-012005-09-06
I like jam2005-08-152005-08-20
Do you code?2005-08-202005-08-24
Is it good that Black Ninja has become GU moderator?2005-08-242005-08-24
Do you think Black Ninja is real?2005-08-242005-08-29
New is always better than old?2005-08-292005-09-01
Best slapping tool2005-09-062005-09-13
Jonnys finest talent2005-09-132005-09-17
Quiz: LieroX was created in..?2005-09-172005-09-19
Hacking sites is..2005-09-192005-09-21
Best language2005-09-212005-09-23
What was the capital of Assyria?2005-09-232005-09-23
Do you like the new ComSer site?2005-09-232005-09-27
Have you ever been to Africa?2005-09-272005-09-30
Which mp3 player for you?2005-09-302005-10-03
Is global warming inevitable?2005-10-032005-10-07
Who will win the 4th Liga Liero championships this time?2005-10-072005-10-10
The truth is...2005-10-102005-10-14
Do you use IRC?2005-10-142005-10-18
Rifles are superior to grenades2005-10-182005-10-24
LOSP source should be released now?2005-10-242005-10-31
Best cancelled Liero clone2005-10-312005-10-31
Best cancelled Liero clone2005-10-312005-11-02
Have you seen the new light effects in Gusanos?2005-11-022005-11-03
Most awaited update2005-11-032005-11-06
Badgers are cute2005-11-062005-11-09
Liero Torrents, good idea?2005-11-092005-11-11
Jonnys next monitor should be..2005-11-112005-11-14
Quiz: Who is not a Gusanos developer?2005-11-142005-11-14
Why is darka so mean to me?2005-11-142005-11-15
Is optional ninja rope key in Gusanos a good idea?2005-11-152005-11-21
C++ is...?2005-11-212005-11-22
George W. Bush is...2005-11-222005-11-24
Best level format2005-11-242005-11-28
Did you buy all christmas presents yet?2005-11-282005-11-29
Lazy is better than occupied2005-11-292005-12-05
Modding for Liero clones is...2005-12-052005-12-12
There are aliens in outer space2005-12-122005-12-14
Which came first2005-12-142005-12-20
What do you want for christmas?2005-12-202005-12-22
And now..2005-12-222005-12-31
Why cant darka access ComSer?2006-01-052006-01-06
Which will come first?2006-01-062006-01-09
Should Pils be unbanned from GU?2006-01-092006-01-13
The French language is obsolete?2006-01-132006-01-19
Are software patents good?2006-01-192006-01-25
Have you ever played original Liero 1.33?2006-01-252006-01-29
How much time do you spend in front of a computer2006-01-292006-02-04